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Viimeksi katsotut tuotteet

Welcome to our online store to shop for men's swimmers!

There are two types of men: those who wear swimmers and those who don't. Saimaa Sealskins are perfect for both, especially for those who are a bit of both. Whether you're either, you've come to the right place. Because here, you'll find all you need.

We offer an ever-expanding range of men's swimmers made in Finland, suitable for everything from splashing in the Olympic pool to basking by the bonfire. Here, you'll surely find swimmers that fit your needs perfectly.

"These are on my legs around the clock in summer. And even as the weather cools, they're still on around the clock. Always ready for any situation. I've been playing in these for almost 10 years now. No fear if game shorts tear or end up being tugged by opponents. You can confidently dive into any situation knowing exactly where everything is from the waist down. And when opponents hit 'saves on swim trunks,' they're hitting the trunks, not the skin. These are easy to pre-wash in the shower. And borrowing a quote from a good old teammate: 'Always have just enough crap in your pants so it doesn't chafe.'" - 33-year-old, ex-semi-pro rugby player

These swim trunks are made responsibly in Finland. You might find cheaper elsewhere, but you won't find better. You won't need to buy new ones right away, except when we keep bringing out such bloody awesome patterns all the time. Sorry about that, it's just so darn fun.